Somerset Mews Policy

1. We are an equal opportunity housing provider.

We fully comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act. We do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, familial status or national origin. We also comply with all state and local fair housing and anti-discrimination laws.

2. Apartment Availability Policy.

Apartments become available to rent when we receive written move out notice. We update our list of available apartments as each apartment becomes available. An apartment that was unavailable in the morning may become available later that same day. A vacant apartment will not be deemed available for occupancy until it has been cleaned, prepared for a new resident and inspected by the local township.

3. Occupancy Guidelines.

We restrict the number of people who may reside in an apartment. We allow:

Apartment Size Occupancy
One Bedroom 2 Persons (and a child up to 3 years old)
Two Bedroom 4 Persons
Two Bedroom Townhouse 5 Persons

4. Application Process.

We evaluate every apartment application in the following manner. You must submit a rental application and credit authorization. Please answer all questions on the forms.

You must pay a $60 non-refundable credit report and processing fee. We will send your application to a credit bureau that will check your credit report, criminal history and employment and rental references to confirm that they meet our rental criteria. We only accept a credit report from RENTGROW. No other credit report is acceptable. If you meet our criteria, your application will be approved. This process takes minutes to complete. To reserve the apartment, you are required to pay a $100 deposit, which will be applied to your first month’s’ rent.

5. Income Criteria.

To qualify for an apartment, you must meet the following criteria:

Apartment Size Min Income
One Bedroom $60,000
Two Bedroom $75,000
Two Bedroom Townhouse $85,000

6. Rental History.

You must have satisfactory rental references. If you have ever been evicted or been found by a court to have violated your lease, your application will be rejected.

7. Credit History.

Your credit record must currently be satisfactory. If your credit history shows any past due credit or other unfavorable information in the past two years, your application will be rejected and you will not be able to rent from us, unless your past due credit is $200 or less.

8. Criminal History.

Unless barred by the Fair Chance in Housing Act  (“FCHA”), N.J.S.A. 46:8-52-64, or other Federal or State law, your application may be rejected if you have been convicted of a crime. Any person who believes a violation of the FCHA has occurred may contact the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights at 1-866-405-3050 or online at, and may file a complaint with the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights within 180 days of said incident.

9. Guarantors.

If you do not meet our income criteria, you may be able to qualify for an apartment if you can get a third party who resides in New Jersey to guarantee your lease. This guarantor must pass the same application and screening process that you must pass, and there will be an additional $60 non-refundable fee.

10. References.

In the event that your credit history is unsatisfactory, and you presently live in a multi-family dwelling consisting of five or more units and you supply us with a letter from your landlord stating that (1) you have made all rental payments in full and on time in each of the last twelve months, and (2) that your tenancy has been satisfactory to the landlord, we will deem your credit history to be satisfactory. You will still be required to satisfy all other criteria set forth in this Statement of Rental Policy.